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Trigger Alexa Routines

Via LittleNodes you can trigger alexa routines by simply visiting a custom link generated from your LittleNodes virtual button panel. Virtual buttons are pressed when you visit the custom link.

How is this usefull?
Having the ability to trigger Alexa routines by means of a URL makes it easy to integrate it into various projects without worrying about complex SDK and API integrations.

Some examples of how this can be used.
ESP8266 Variations and other MCs

IOT cabable micro controllers such as the ESP8266 and ESP32 from espresiff has the ability to connect to an access point and behave as an HTTP client. To learn how its done See turorial

Integration with PHP

Adding a simple PHP code line in on your website you can have PHP fetch a LittleNodes URL to trigger your Alexa routine. This can be usefull if you want Alexa to let you know when you have a new member or when you have sold something "Chaching!" To learn how its done See turorial

Quick start Guide

Responsive image Signup and create a LittleNodes account.
Responsive image Setup some virtual buttons in the button panel.
Responsive image Find the LittleNodes Virtual button skill from skills in the Alexa app.
Responsive image Link the LittleNodes Virtual button skill with LittleNodes.
Responsive image Setup routines in the alexa app using any one of the LittleNodes buttons and you are done!.